Multi Fuel Traditional Stoves


The Berrington stove with its pebbled door surround and paned effect window, not to mention the beautifully moulded cast-iron exterior, hand-finished by AGA craftsmen is most certainly a beautiful sight.

Big and beautiful, the Berrington makes a proud centrepiece for a family home. At 406mm wide, its large window is kept clean by the AGA Active Air Wash System so you can enjoy all the warmth and cosiness of a real fire. The removable grate makes it easy to clean.

In terms of flexibility and choice, the Berrington delivers. It has a high chrome grate that allows you to use a variety of fuels – wood, coal or selected smokeless fuels – with a nominal heat output of up to 8.5kW (maximum heat output of 12kW) and 76% efficiency when burning wood. And just like the Much Wenlock Classic, the fire can be safely left to burn overnight on its lowest setting.

The Berrington is available in a variety of colours and finishes: matt black, gloss black enamel and gloss Majolica brown enamel.

      Options Include…

    • Matt Black
    • Gloss Black Enamel
    • Gloss Majolica Brown Enamel

    A =697mm / 27 3/4”

    B =660mm / 26″

    C =495mm / 19 1/2″


    The appeal of a cast-iron stove is hard to beat and AGA stoves are among the top of the range. The Little Wenlock is no different. Its traditional moulded detail, arched side panels and striking wired handle creates an eyecatching focus for any household.
    The compact design means it can fit easily into almost any room, and makes it particularly suitable for small spaces and apartments. Don’t be fooled by its size the Little Wenlock has an output of which could easily beat much bigger stoves. And in question of practicality, it has a simple controllable heat output, creating a foolproof way of easily and efficiently finding and maintaining the ideal temperature.

    The Little Wenlock is optional, and can be a solid fuel or wood-burning stove. The nominal heat output from wood is 5.7kW, this can then climb to a maximum of 8kW with 79.4% efficiency; solid fuels will attain a nominal heat output of 4.2kW with 78.8% efficiency. It is aided by the AGA Active Air Wash System – up an coming technology that optimises heat performance, reduces dangerous emissions and keeps the stove window clean so that is one thing less to clean allowing you to just relax and enjoy the effects of a real fire.

    The Little Wenlock stove, edgy in matt black, also has a long-lasting high chrome grate and a top and rear flue output. The handle and spin wheel come in black however are available in chrome as an optional extra.

        Options Include…

      • Handle and Spin Wheel Black
      • Handle and Spin Wheel Chrome
      • Stove now only available in Matt Black

      A =390mm / 15 1/4”

      B =535mm / 21″

      C =415mm / 16 1/2″


      They say good things come in small packages and, when it comes to the Little Wenlock Classic, it’s certainly true. It’s the perfect blend of old and new, combining cutting-edge design with traditional beauty. This compact stove fits in almost any space – an ideal choice for smaller homes and standard fireplaces.
      And if its looks aren’t impressive enough, the Little Wenlock Classic’s energy efficiency certainly is. Through a combination of meticulous development, innovative engineering and intelligent design, the Little Wenlock Classic has a nominal output of 4.7kW – eliminating the need for an air vent in the room. It is supplied with a supplementary wood grate which allows the stove to achieve a breathtaking 81.2% efficiency, making it one of the most efficient stoves in the world.
      Other features include a choice of top or rear flue connection, a high chrome riddling grate, combustion air control, built-in ash pan and the AGA Active Air Wash System which keeps the glass clean. Available in matt black.

          Options Include…

        A =400mm / 15 3/4”

        B =533mm / 21″

        C =415mm / 16 1/4″


        The Little Wenlock Classic SE is the wood-burning smoke exempt version of our best-selling Little Wenlock Classic.
        The Little Wenlock Classic SE is a wood-burning specialist that easily meets the stringent standards of the Clean Air Act. Its emissions are so low that it’s fully approved to burn wood anywhere including smoke control zones in built-up city areas.
        Its nominal heat output of 4.7kW makes it highly cost effective, too, and means you don’t need an air vent in the room. The stove also has a conventional flue and uses the AGA Active Air Wash System to keep its glass clean.
        In terms of looks the Little Wenlock Classic SE doesn’t disappoint either. It shares the same compact design and intricate hand finished cast-iron detailing as the Little Wenlock Classic. Available in matt black.

            Options Include…

          A =400mm / 15 3/4”

          B =533mm / 21″

          C =415mm / 16 1/4″


          A great choice for the family home, the Minsterley stove will radiate its gentle warmth throughout the house and provide hot water in abundance.
          One of our larger stoves, the Minsterley has been engineered with hot water performance as a priority. Its hot water to space heating ratio is excellent, meaning that unlike similar appliances, any excess heat the Minsterley produces isn’t lost to the room.
          Impressive performance isn’t limited to supplying hot water on demand – it is also a central heating system that offers flexibility as well as fuel economy. Thanks to its interchangeable fuel plate, the Minsterley can use either wood or solid fuel – running at 75.5% efficiency when burning wood.
          Its high efficiency is down to the AGA Active Air Wash System, clever engineering that results in a clean stove window, clean combustion and low emissions. The Minsterley stove also has convenient overnight burning capability, a handy thermostatic device that allows you to program your ideal temperature and primary and secondary air intakes that provide greater control. Available in matt black.

              Options Include…

            A =568mm / 22 1/4”

            B =782mm / 30 3/4″

            C =571mm / 22 1/2″


            This solid fuel and wood-burning stove shares all the traditional cast-iron beauty and cutting edge technology of its popular little brother, the Little Wenlock, only with extra heat capacity and greater versatility.

            The Much Wenlock Classic is a medium-sized stove that runs at 77.3% efficiency and has a nominal heat output of 5.5kW, increasing to a maximum of 8.3kW with wood, while solid fuels will achieve a 4.1kW nominal heat output with 71.3% efficiency. Like all AGA stoves, it benefits from the AGA Active Air Wash System – cutting-edge technology that optimises heat performance, reduces harmful emissions and keeps the stove window clean, so you can enjoy the relaxing effect of a real fire.
            If you love waking up to a toasty room, the Much Wenlock Classic has a controllable heat output allowing you to leave the stove to burn overnight. Maintaining your stove is easy too, thanks to its removable shaker grate, ash pan, fire fence and ash tray.
            The Much Wenlock Classic offers not only outstanding performance but also enviable style with inlaid detail on the cast-iron side panels, stylish air inlet and black wire handle. It is available in matt black.

                Options Include…

              A =550mm / 21 1/2”

              B =700mm / 27 1/2″

              C =538mm / 19″


              The Winchester incorporates unique side viewing windows so the beauty and warmth of the fire can be seen and felt from all aspects of your living room. Incorporating highly controllable primary and secondary air wash features together with a large firebox to accommodate larger logs. This appliance is also available in gas and slim line electric models.

                  Options Include…

                • Metallic Black

                A =600mm

                B =605mm

                C =520mm


                Contemporary styling and sleek design features with steel construction for durability and heat retention. Ventilation is not required and there is an airwash system for cleaner glass. There is a large glass picture window. This stove is ideal for large rooms and fireplaces.

                    Options Include…

                  • Graphite Black

                  A =585mm

                  B =570mm

                  C =380mm

                  ESSE 100

                  Precision engineered from high grade steel and featuring our Afterburn™ system, the 100 series offers the presence and clear fire view of the 200 but with a lower output of 5kW thanks to its slim profile. This makes it the perfect choice where hearth depths are limited, or in rooms where there is hearth space for a large stove but where higher heat outputs would overwhelm the room. And like the 200 this multi-fuel stove loves to burn logs.

                    A =610mm

                    B =630mm

                    C =310mm

                    ESSE 100DD

                    Engineered from cast iron and high grade steel and featuring Afterburn™ our precision secondary air control system, the 100 double door offers the country look with modern stove performance.
                    100 DD boasts a 5KW output with a wide view, slim profile and it has been independently certified for use with a 12mm non-combustible hearth.

                      A =610mm

                      B =630mm

                      C =310mm

                      ESSE 200XK

                      This stunning 8.5kW stove was the first to feature Afterburn™, our precision secondary air control system. The result is outstanding control, dancing flames, a crystal clear view of the fire and highly efficient combustion of the fuel. The 200 will happily burn most solid fuels but it will reward you with wonderful flame patterns when burning properly seasoned wood.
                      The 200 XK has been independently tested for use with a 12mm non-combustible hearth and is available with an external air kit to source all the stoves air supply from the outside.

                          Options Include…

                        • Available with External Air Kit

                        A =610mm

                        B =630mm

                        C =350mm

                        ESSE 500SE

                        This 5kW stove offers form and function in perfect harmony. Its balanced proportions, elegant curves and cast iron detailing have been created from a furniture design perspective by leading designer Paul Galley, whilst its fuel burning capability has evolved, like all ESSE stoves over a century and a half. The 500SE is simple to operate and this multi-fuel version will happily burn wood and any type of solid fuel.
                        The 500SE can burn multi-fuel and/or wood, but for improved wood burning performance a conversion kit is available that is simple to fit and will improve control and efficiency when burning logs.

                            Options Include…

                          • Available with Conversion Kit

                          A =428mm

                          B =545mm

                          C =348mm

                          ESSE 700DD

                          The 700 DD is the latest stove to be born at our foundry and is the flagship model in our new look range. It may be our latest stove but it firmly upholds the virtues and qualities of ESSEs, dating back over a century and a half. Every line and curve has been designed to exude an air of simple elegance, that will sit comfortably with a wide range of interior styles and hearth environments. The gently arching double doors provide a spectacular and virtually unrestricted view of the flames.
                          Suitable for larger dwellings requiring higher outputs, the 700 DD multi-fuel features Afterburn™, our precision secondary air control system. Providing outstanding control of the burn, stunning flame patterns and an efficient combustion of the fuel.

                            A =610mm

                            B =725mm

                            C =390mm

                            FIRELINE FP5

                            Traditional and contemporary, these new 5kw multi-fuel stoves look equally harmonious in a farmhouse inglenook, as they will in a newly built town house. For people living in a smoke controlled area, this Fireline stove is DEFRA approved, which means it meets the latest UK Clean Air Act, giving a greener source of heat.

                              A =404mm

                              B =522mm

                              C =366mm

                              FIRELINE FP8

                              The FP8 stove is big, heavy weight, freestanding, made from traditional cast iron with extra wide ceramic glass flame viewing windows. Ideally suited for larger rooms, this stove can pump out a really serious amount of heat. The extra wide flame picture will enhance even the biggest room.

                                A =500mm

                                B =583mm

                                C =375mm

                                HUNTER HERALD 6 DOUBLE SIDED

                                Open on both sides, this dramatic stove radiates heat throughout the space, transforming your environment with flickering firelight. Choose from the Hawk 4 or Herald 6 for your double-sided stove. Each can be built with a single or double depth, giving you a larger fuel bed and even better heat output. Finally customize your choice with a canopy or door crosses and Midnight, Forest Green or Cloudy Blue finish.

                                    Options Include…

                                  • Forest Green
                                  • Cloudy Blue
                                  • Midnight
                                  • Plain doors
                                  • Crossed doors

                                  A =610mm

                                  B =796mm

                                  C =535mm

                                  STOVAX BRUNEL 1A – 7008

                                  Brunel 1A is ideal for the smaller rooms as the Brunel 1A is designed to fit into a standard 22″ high British fireplace. This model still features Airwash to help keep the glass window clear, full multi-fuel capability and an externally operated riddling grate.

                                      Options Include…

                                    • Midnight Blue Enamel 7008BL
                                    • Laurel Green Enamel 7008LG
                                    • Ivory Enamel 7008IV
                                    • Matt Black 7008
                                    • Matt Ivory 7008PI

                                    A =385mm / 15 1/8″

                                    B =524mm / 20 5/8″

                                    C =290mm / 11 5/8″

                                    STOVAX BRUNEL 2CB – 7051

                                    The Brunel 2CB will give you great heating efficiency and economy of the Stovax Cleanburn System. In fact, this neat little stove incorporates all the state-of-the-art features you would expect from Stovax’s advanced designs. For example, the stainless steel baffle warms up more quickly than cast iron so it starts working more rapidly, setting new standards in performance.

                                        Options Include…

                                      • Midnight Blue Enamel 7051BL
                                      • Laurel Green Enamel 7051LG
                                      • Ivory Enamel 7051IV
                                      • Matt Ivory 7051PI
                                      • Matt Black 7051

                                      A =437mm / 17″

                                      B =640mm / 25″

                                      C =335mm / 13″

                                      STOVAX HUNTINGDON 25 -7057

                                      The Huntingdon 25 is specially designer to suit everything from a country cottage to a modern townhouse. So it’s ideal for burning logs yet is equally proficient with smokeless fuels or peat briquetts. In fact, the compact Huntingdon 25 is just the stove to bring you a picture of comfort this winter.

                                        Solid Fuel, Coal, Logs

                                          Options Include…

                                        • Midnight Blue, with Tracery door 7058BL
                                        • Laurel Green Enamel, with Tracery door 7058LG
                                        • Matt Black, with Tracery door 7058
                                        • Matt Black, with Clear door 7057

                                        A =452mm / 17 ¾”

                                        B =590mm / 23 ¼”

                                        C =357mm / 14”

                                        STOVAX HUNTINGDON 30

                                        The Huntingdon 30 multi fuel stove combines refined styling with significant heating capacity, making it the ideal choice for many homes.
                                        Dual air levers allow you to control the flame/glow and heat output to suit your needs. They provide exacting control of combustion and there is also an external riddling feature for the more efficient burning of smokeless fuels.

                                            Options Include…

                                          • Matt Black, with Clear door 7054
                                          • Matt Black, with Tracey door 7055
                                          • Midnight Blue Enamel, with Tracey door 7055BL
                                          • Laurel Green Enamel, with Tracey door 7055LG
                                          • Ivory Enamel, with Tracey door 7055IV
                                          • Matt Ivory, with Tracey door 7055PI

                                          A =553mm

                                          B =592mm

                                          C =502mm

                                          STOVAX REGENCY

                                          Originally patented in 1742 by Benjamin Franklin, the Regency enjoys a pedigree unmatched by any other stove.
                                          It was designed at a time when America was still a British colony and its proportions were influenced by Franklin’s visits to Georgian London.The original design also means it is more an open fireplace with doors. There are no air controls so the Regency’s large firebox produces the atmosphere of a traditional open fireplace.
                                          The Regency is available in three sizes. A pair of polished brass balls are supplied with each stove and a brass rail set is an optional accessory.
                                          Cast into the side panel of every Regency stove is a support bracket into which a barbecue or bean pot may be fixed. Each of these is manufactured from cast iron and is supplied complete with a swinging arm which locates into the support bracket.

                                              Options Include…

                                            • Matt Black 7016

                                            A =930mm

                                            B =960mm

                                            C =700mm

                                            STOVAX STOCKTON 3

                                            The mini stove of the Stockton range is designed to fit into a standard 22″ (560mm) high x 16″ (405mm) wide British fireplace opening with the chairbrick removed.
                                            It has full multi fuel capability and its compact dimensions make this stove
                                            equally suitable for houseboats, summerhouses and garden workshops.

                                                Options Include…

                                              • Matt Black 7118
                                              • Metallic Blue 7118BL
                                              • Metallic Brown 7118BR
                                              • Metallic Green 7118GR

                                              A =389mm

                                              B =510mm

                                              C =338mm

                                              STOVAX STOCKTON 5

                                              The Stockton 5 stove has a squarer landscape style compared to the portrait style of the Stockton 3 or Stockton 4 stoves. The additional width allows you to load logs up to 330mm (13″) in length. Both the wood burning and multi fuel versions are available with a low canopy.
                                              The multi fuel version is suitable for burning logs, but the wood burning only version will burn logs with even greater efficiency.
                                              Both wood burning versions and the multi fuel flat top version are approved for use in Smoke Control areas.

                                                  Options Include…

                                                • Matt Black 7119
                                                • Metallic Blue 7119BL
                                                • Metallic Brown 7119BR
                                                • Metallic Green 7119GR

                                                A =481mm

                                                B =544mm

                                                C =335mm

                                                STOVAX STOCKTON 6 HIGHLINE

                                                The Stockton 6 Highline is available as a dedicated multi-fuel model with external riddling. This stove is similar to the standard Stockton 6 stove, but has the addition of a warming shelf and wood store and with larger base plate. The Highline stove is supplied with a 3-tile set for the warming shelf, in a choice of 8 colours.
                                                The stove will also accept the optional ‘clip-in’ steel boiler. This can provide an abundant supply of domestic hot water during the winter months.
                                                The Stockton 6 Highline stove is approved for use in Smoke Control areas.

                                                    Options Include…

                                                  • Matt Black
                                                  • Metallic Blue
                                                  • Metallic Brown
                                                  • Metallic Green

                                                  A =456mm

                                                  B =1020mm

                                                  C =380mm

                                                  STOVAX STOCKTON 11

                                                  With 11kW heat output, this is the largest stove in the Stockton range. It is particularly suitable for large living rooms, substantial inglenooks and open-plan barn conversions.
                                                  The choice of flat top, low canopy or high canopy, single door or two door versions and four colour options will provide you with the perfect combination for your home.
                                                  The Stockton 11 is available as a dedicated wood burning or multi fuel version. The multi fuel version will burn wood, but the dedicated wood burning model will burn wood with even higher efficiency.

                                                      Options Include…

                                                    • Matt Black
                                                    • Metallic Blue
                                                    • Metallic Brown
                                                    • Metallic Green

                                                    A =759mm

                                                    B =678mm

                                                    C =467mm

                                                    STOVAX STOCKTON DOUBLE SIDED

                                                    Enjoy twice the comfort and twice the view of your fire with a Stockton double sided stove.
                                                    Using one central chimney, the doors to both the back and the front of the stove are designed to open into adjacent rooms. So, compared to individual stoves in each room, you have less work refuelling and even more of a focal point to your home.
                                                    There are two sizes from which to choose – Stockton 8 Double and Stockton 11 Double.
                                                    Although this double sided configuration does not allow the incorporation of full cleanburn technology, both stoves still include an airwash system to keep the glass clean.
                                                    The smaller Stockton 8 will provide you with a significant heat output, up to 9kW, whilst the 11 Double produces and even more powerful 11kW.
                                                    Otherwise the two models have exactly the same specifications as their single sided equivalents.

                                                        Options Include…

                                                      • Matt Black
                                                      • Metallic Blue
                                                      • Metallic Brown
                                                      • Metallic Green

                                                      A =759mm

                                                      B =678mm

                                                      C =467mm

                                                      YEOMAN EXE

                                                      Compact yet versatile, the Exe offers you an extensive choice of styling options as well as an optional boiler that can provide domestic hot water. It features Yeoman’s Clean Burn system too, so you will enjoy improved fuel efficiency and a greater control over combustion. Furthermore, being a nominal 4.9kW output, no air vent is needed when the Exe is installed.

                                                          Options Include…

                                                        • Blue
                                                        • Brown
                                                        • Black
                                                        • Green

                                                        A =600mm

                                                        B =520mm

                                                        C =310mm